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Don't Miss the Live Show!

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What’s the "Deal" with Luca + Danni?

Luca + Danni Starry

If you’re shopping at Blooming Boutique in Lewes or Long Neck this week, you might have already heard that Luca + Danni is Buy 2, Get 1 Free! This might be the bangle bargain of the year (or the ultimate way to get your collection kicked off), but there’s so much more to the “deal.”
  • Michiko Seto

5 Game-Changing Holiday Shopping Tricks

Christmas Present 
Guess what… the holidays are almost here! And, it’s better to be ahead, especially this year. With shortages and delays in the supply chain causing some serious commotion, holiday shopping might look a little different in 2021. Here are some game-changing tricks to nail your list and make shopping way less stressful…
  • Michiko Seto

Tribal Tuesday: Coming Soon!

Tribal Tuesday
Tribal Tuesday is coming soon to Long Neck and Milford! 
If you've shopped in Blooming Boutique at either of these locations, chances are, that, at some point in time, Tribal has caught your eye or stolen your heart. 
  • Michiko Seto

Why You'll Love Uno de 50

Uno de 50 Jewelry
If you haven't heard yet of Uno de 50, this high-end jewelry brand could be your next obsession. Uno de 50 was founded in Spain, and the name translates to "one of 50," the reason their jewelry is so incredibly special.
  • Michiko Seto