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5 Cruisewear Essentials for Your Next Trip

cruise boat

Heading out on a cruise this year? Whether you're heading out for a cruise abroad this summer or sailing about in the months to come, you'll want to be prepared. There will be plenty of sun, and lots of opportunity for style, but maybe not the most space in your luggage. Pack up your bags right with a few cruisewear must-haves to get you ready from head to toe.

  • Michiko Seto

9 Occasions That Deserve Gifts


Let’s face it, besides cake, gifts are the most exciting part of any special occasion. They are a way to show someone that you care about them, understand them, and appreciate their life’s monumental stepping stones. The suspense of watching someone tear open the wrapping to something you have thoughtfully picked for them is just as exciting (if not more) as receiving something yourself! 

  • Michiko Seto

4 Shoe Storage Hacks for Cranking up Your Collection

Fit flop

They say that shoes are a girl’s best friend, but what do you do when you have more BFFLs than you can count? Space is precious and far from unlimited. You may want a matching shoe for every outfit, but feel like there’s just no where to put another pair! This is when organization is key and a few sneaky tricks can take your closet to a whole new level. There’s no need to sacrifice style for concern over space!

  • Michiko Seto

4 Ways to Transform Your Look with Beach Hats

sun hat

Summer means sun, and that makes it the ideal time to transform your look with a beach hat! Keep the beating rays out of your baby blues and browns, all while taking on a look that’s totally your own. Hats can be a complete style game-changer, making anyone seem a little more put together, sportier, or trendier. There is an overflowing well of amazing hat choices today, so it’s easier than ever to pick the perfect one for you. Take the opportunity to show off completely different parts of your personality by switching between caps, visors, and more. 

  • Michiko Seto