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Blooming Boutique's In-Store Rewards Program!

It Pays to Shop at Blooming Boutique! 

Please note this is an in-store program only. has a separate Rewards program that is independent. 

1. Ask one of the Blooming Boutique Personal Stylists, to start a card for you in our system. 

2. Your card will be kept in our card boxes located at the front desk. How convenient as you don’t need to carry it around!

3. Each time you shop with us, just pull your card (arranged alphabetically, well mostly!) and bring it to the counter when you check-out.

4. We will record the amount of your purchase in one of the six boxes (each on a different day), and then refile your card. 

5. After six Blooming Boutique shopping trips, you will have filled in all six boxes on your Rewards card. Now things get super exciting!!  Remember purchases at all Blooming Boutique locations count on your card.  If you shop at a location that is different from where your card is normally kept, simply bring in your receipt the next time you shop and we will add it to your card!  Please note: purchases made at our other non-Blooming Boutique shops (Treasures, Bayside Gifts, Lewes Gifts, Just Lewes, and Lewes Wear) will not count for this Rewards program, but each of these stores have their own Rewards program! 

6. After your 6th visit, you will receive a gift credit worth 5% of the total recorded purchases on your Rewards card! Yes, you read that right – you are in control of how big your reward dollars grow!  In other words, the more you spend, the more you earn! This gift certificate is like cash and can be used on anything in the store! When you complete 5 cards, your rewards will be increased to 10% back of what you spend! Additionally, you will receive a reusable shopper tote on this 6th visit which gains you access to exclusive "5th Saturday" Sale events during the year. 

5th Saturday Bag at Blooming Boutique

7. Once you have completed your first card, you will start all over again with a new Rewards card. 

Other Benefits: 

  • Regular e-mails with updates on new arrivals and in-store promotions 
  • Access to our exclusive 5th Saturday events
  • Bring a friend - if you bring a friend or family member who has never shopped in Blooming Boutique, tell your Personal Stylist and you'll get credit for your friend's purchase too! This only counts for the first-time visit.
5th Saturday Sale Events occur every month throughout the year that has 5 Saturdays in the month. During these exclusive sale events, you will receive 20% off any products that are regularly priced that you can stuff into your reusable shopper tote!  That's right, YOU make the sale.