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Blooming Boutique Celebrates National Mutts Day!

We love our dogs! Pups, pals, fur babies, call them what you want, but National Mutts Day, also known as National mixed breed dog day is a day when we can celebrate the joy our dogs bring to our lives. Pet expert, Colleen Paige created National Mutt Day, in an effort to encourage the adoption of shelter dogs. It’s celebrated on July 31st and again on December 2nd. The definition of the word “Mutt” is a dog that does not have a pedigree. In the late 1800’s the term “Mutt” was actually not very complimentary. It isn’t used too often anymore, and if it sounds like an insult, that’s because it used to be one! Today, “Mutts” or cross-breed dogs are widely popular sought-after dogs! As it turns out some of these “mutts” are even more adorable than purebred dogs. They are typically very smart, strong, healthy animals with a longer lifespan than their purebred counterparts.

Mermaid Maggie

Our favorite Mutt is obviously Micha’s lovable pooch, Maggie, was most recently was featured in one of local artist, Kathy Buschi’s paintings!   Maggie loves her belly rubs and greeting anyone who enters Blooming Boutique! In honor of Maggie and all of our other lovable Mutts - Blooming Boutique, Lewes Gifts, and Bayside Gifts and will be offering 20% off all Dog-themed items on July 31st!  This will include Dog themed Simply Southern products.  Participating towns include Lewes, Long Neck, and Milford.

Maggie of Blooming Boutique

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