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Maggie's Pet Boutique: Ultimate Place for Pets AND People

Maggie's Pet Boutique

Finally, after years of being Blooming Boutique's number 1 fan, our favorite mutt, Maggie, has her very own store!

Located next to Blooming Boutique in Millsboro, Maggie's Pet Boutique is the one-stop shop to get everything you need for your furry friends... and, this amazing place isn't just for pets. It's for pet-lovers too! 

You'll find an incredible selection of food, treats, and supplies, as well as apparel, ornaments, tea towels, and more! You have to see it to believe it. 

Not to mention, every item in the store is approved by Maggie and friends, so you’ll only get the best of the best. The foods are top-of-the-line and natural, the treats are fresh-baked, and the shirts come from some of Blooming's best brands (like Simply Southern and Puppie Love). 

Since the grand opening, October 30, new products have been streaming in every day. Come explore it all for yourself, and you'll be amazed. Maggie's is open every day of the week from 10AM - 5PM. 


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