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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Blooming Boutique's Chocolate Lover's Weekend in Lewes!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Blooming Boutique's Chocolate Lover's Weekend in Lewes!

Calling all chocolate enthusiasts and fashionistas alike! Brace yourselves for a delectable affair at Blooming Boutique's Annual Chocolate Lover's Weekend, slated for January 13, 2024, from 10 am to 5 pm in the charming town of Lewes. It's not just about chic winter sales and fabulous finds; it's a day of indulgence, sweet surprises, and chances to win enticing store gift certificates!

Picture this: a delightful stroll through the quaint streets of Lewes, where every stop promises a delectable treat that’ll elevate your chocolate-loving soul. Embark on the Lewes Chocolate Loop and experience a spectrum of mouthwatering delights crafted to complement your shopping extravaganza.

At Blooming Boutique in Lewes, step into a world where fashion meets flavor as they serve up tantalizing Chocolate Martinis. Need a chic accessory to go with that drink? Head to Blooming Boutique Accessories for a choice between Spiked and Non-spiked Hot Cocoa, warming both your heart and your hands.

Hot Chocolate at Blooming Boutique Accessories

But the chocolatey adventure doesn't end there! Lewes Gifts invites you to relish the savory sweetness of Sea Salt Caramels, while Lewes Wear & Just Lewes dazzles with the sophistication of White Chocolate Martinis, offering a unique twist to your shopping spree.

Sea Salt Caramels at Lewes Gifts

And for those seeking a unique pairing, Treasures Lewes introduces the tantalizing concept of Chocolate Wine, the perfect fusion of indulgence and sophistication to complement your shopping escapade.

As you savor these delightful treats at every stop, don't forget the exclusive winter sales and the chance to win store gift certificates, adding an extra layer of sweetness to your visit.

So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and join Blooming Boutique for an unforgettable day filled with fashion, flavor, and fun at the Annual Chocolate Lover's Weekend in Lewes. Indulge, shop, and revel in the tantalizing fusion of chocolate delights and fabulous finds!

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