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Small Business Owners Take Action to Stay Competitive!

How does a small business owner compete in today’s world - The Whizbang Retail Success Summit of course!  The yearly conference, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan is put on by husband and wife team, Bob and Susan Negen, founders of the Whizbang Retail Mastery System.   Bob and Susan have over 20 years of small business retail experience as they previously owned the wildly successful Mackinac Kite Company.

The summit provides two amazing days of world-class retail training given by Bob, Susan and array of guest speakers, including Social Media expert, Crystal Vilkaitis, and Ari Weinzweig, owner of Zingerman’s Delicatessen, a small business with sales of over 60 million a year!   

The training at the summit includes a combination of high-level strategic thinking as well as in-depth explorations of winning tactics for first-time store owners to multi-store businesses. Each retailer who attends the Summit is unique, with different kinds of stores and different needs. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to learning. That’s why there are tons of choices and lots of learning opportunities at the Retail Success Summit.  In addition to training, the summit also allows time for business owners to network and share ideas.

Michiko Seto attended the Summit for the 2nd time this year with a notebook full of ideas to help continuously enhance the customer experience at her Blooming Boutique and other stores.  Micha was also part of the panel this year and was able to discuss her famous ‘Lewes Chocolate Weekend Loop’ in front of an eager audience.  Blooming Boutique’s Lewes manager, Lisa McDonald also attended the event for the first time.       

Michiko Seto, Guest Speaker at Retail Success Summit

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