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National Oyster Day 0

It’s National Oyster Day – do you prefer to eat them or wear them? We prefer to wear them, well not oysters, but pearls! And boy do they look beautiful on the Luca + Stella bracelet.

The Luca + Stella story is a powerful message of family and love. Plus their bracelets are oval, so you don’t have to worry about themspinning on your wrist. The pearls always stay on top.

To celebrate Oyster Day (or Pearl Day, whichever way you want to look at it), we’re offering you free shipping on the Luca + Stella pearl bangle. Use AUG5 at checkout.

I’ve got a blueberry for a daughter… 0

“Violet! You’re turning violet, Violet! I’ve got a blueberry for a daughter…” ~Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

We’re celebrating National Blueberry Month by eating blueberries of course! And by offering you free shipping on all blue Luca + Stella bracelets today! Use coupon code: JULY28

Are you more of an Art Deco Blue? A Carribean Opal Blue? Carolina Blue? Or maybe Sea Glass Blue? With over 8 different blues to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a blue for you!

Fashion Friday - July 4th Edition 0

Introducing Fashion Fridays! We’ll pull together a head-to-toe look and you just click to shop!

We’re kicking things off with a 4th of July style guide. Start off with the very comfortable and highly fashionable Mud Pie Natalie Bow Tie Dress in Red Knotical Lattice. The best part about this dress is that it ties at the neck allowing you to adjust the length and fit for your body. Pair it with Lindsay Phillips Taylor flip flops in navy with the Jami Strap and you’re sure to be comfy all day.

No look is complete without the accessories. We’ve paired the Natalie Bow Tie Dress with the Mud Pie Sea Life Icon Straw Clutch in navy. It’s large enough to carry all the important stuff – phone, keys, cash – but small enough to go with your sleek look. Don’t forget the Sun ‘N’ Sand sun savor hat to keep the sun off your face at those 4th of July BBQs. The white ribbon detail makes it a perfect fit. Plus it’s crushable, so when you don’t want to wear it, just throw it in the car, diaper bag, beach bag, wherever and it’ll still maintain its shape when you’re ready to wear it again!

Last, but certainly not least, finish your look with a pair of Sienna Sky gold anchor earrings and a Luca + Stall state bangle to represent your hometown!

Wear it with pride ladies, you’re going to look great! Happy 4th of July!

Meet Luca + Stella 0

Have you met Luca + Stella? We have! And we’re in love!

Even more beautiful than their handmade jewelry is the story behind Luca + Stella. What started as one brother’s dream to revamp his family’s business turned into another brother’s reality. Fred put aside his own aspirations to pursue his brother Danny’s. Why you may ask? Danny’s dream was to revamp his family’s jewelry company, Mag Jewelry, in Rhode Island. Unfortunately life had other plans. Danny fought hard for his dream and against cancer, but unfortunately he did not have the opportunity to see his dream through. Fred left his job on Wall Street to continue what Danny was unable to finish.

Inspired by watches and named after Fred’s two children, the Luca + Stella collection consists of an assortment of traditional bangles with an innovative twist. The charm options are endless including wax seal initials, personalized state shapes, colorful Swarovski crystals, and more. The best part? Luca + Stella bracelets are oval instead of round, so they won’t spin on your wrist!

Just last week we had a surprise visit from Luca + Stella! Here is Stella with her mom by our Luca + Stella display. We hope they’ll come back soon!

Check out our complete Luca + Stella collection online: or stop in to try on your favorites!