Looking for Beads!

An update for the bead exchange party!  Are you hoping to find something in particular at the Bead Exchange Party on October 10, 2015 at Blooming Boutique?  Send us an e-mail at info.bloomingboutique.com with a description and picture of what you're looking for and we'll put in a blog post!  Likewise, feel free to send us any beads you are hoping to trade at the event too!

Some of our lovely customers have reached out to us in search of the following items: 

In desperate search of an all pink ruby rock! 

Trollbeads Ruby Rock
Searching for pink prism:
Trollbeads Pink Prism
Looking for a bright orange steel with lots of steel wool:
Trollbeads Orange Steel
Looking for Picasso Jaspers 
Trollbeads Picasso Jasper
Anyone with a different caterpillar?
Trollbeads unique caterpillars

We'll continue to post as you send us what you're looking for!  So excited for the party!

Disclaimer: as we were sent these photos by others, we do not know their origin and do not claim any ownership of them. 

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