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ALEX & ANI jewelry is carried at all 4 Blooming Boutique Jewelry Store Locations - Lewes, Milford, Bethany, and Rehoboth.  Call 302-296-6360 for inquiries or online purchases.   

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We carry the following Alex & Ani collections - call for availability: 
Seaside sliders
Spiritual Armor Wraps
Starry Eyed & Raw
Limited Trend Classics
Vintage Sixty-Six Classics
Because I love you (family & friends)
Bangle Bars (beaded & spiritual and symbolic)
Charity by Design 
Infinite Love
Armed Forces
Limited Colleges 
Words are Powerful
Sacred Studs
Limited selection of Necklaces
Limited MLB & NFL Bangles
ALEX AND ANI is a unique jewelry company pioneering its own definition of corporate consciousness with sustainable initiatives and the creation of high quality, thoughtfully manufactured pieces.  They are committed to building a culture that focuses entirely on mindful actions.  Their products are hand crafted in America.  They purposefully locate their stores on main streets to encourage growth in local economies.  Their items are designed for longevity, as artisanal pieces that can be passed from one generation to the next.  To ALEX AND ANI, sustainability is an essential idea that means contributing to a new way of thinking and acting that considers the wellbeing of our plant, our communities, and our individual paths.  They also empower individuals to actively create the world they want to live in.   ALEX AND ANI strives to live consciously, turning a lifestyle brand into a way of life.

As the heart and soul of ALEX AND ANI, CEO, Founder and Creative Director, Carolyn Rafaelian, created Charity by Design, which serves as a unique division focused solely on giving and making the dreams of charitable organizations come true.  Charity by Design empowers non-profit organizations both on a national and local scale to reach their goals by sharing their mission through the power of positive energy and creative design.  Carolyn creates customized symbolic charms that capture the essence of a charity making it more accessible to the public while raising awareness and funds.  A portion of proceeds are donated directly to non-profit organizations who strive to enhance the quality of lives on Earth.  By allowing consumers to enter the charitable world through their purchases, ALEX AND ANI believe a new generation of philanthropists will emerge.