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Level 1

This category is intended to help owners recognize when their pet's DNA contains a majority of a specific breed (75% or greater). If your dog has a strong match to one of our validated breeds, then it is categorized as Level 1. Most mixed breed dogs will not usually have a breed in this category unless one or both of their parents are purebred.

Level 2

This category reports breeds that are easily recognizable within your dog. While these breeds may have a strong influence on your pet, each breed listed makes up less than the majority of your dog's DNA, between 37%-74%. This usually means one of the parents was a purebred.

Level 3

This category identifies breeds that have between 20%-36% of the listed breed(s), usually coming from a grandparent.

Level 4

Represents 10%-20% of the breed DNA, usually coming from a great grandparent

Level 5

This level represents the lowest level of breed in your dog occurring at 5% or less. However, they still appear at a low and measurable amount in your dog's DNA.