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We decided to have some fun in January!  In light of the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, we've decided to launch the Blooming Boutique & Treasures GREAT TP STASH Event!  This event will start on January 9th and will continue until the grand finale LIVE show event on February 10th.  This is when the winner of the $300 grand prize (and other prizes) will be announced. 
How does this work you ask?  Stop into any Treasures or Blooming Boutique location, or shop online and purchase a toilet paper roll.  Inside the core of this (unused!) toilet paper roll will be surprise Jewelry valued at significantly more than the cost of the roll!  Additionally, you'll receive up to $40 in store gift certificates AND entries to the final grand prize drawing of $300!  To learn more about each level read below.  There is no limit to how many rolls you can purchase!
Level 1 - $29.99 with a $50 value
$40 in jewelry + $10 gift certificate & 1 entry to win the grand prize
Level 2 - $59.99 with a $90 value
$70 in jewelry + $20 in gift certificates & 2 entries to win grand prize
Level 3 - $99.99 with a $150 value
$110 in jewelry + $40 in gift certificates & 3 entries to win grand prize
Gift Certificates valid at Blooming Boutique OR Treasures locations!

Before you open your roll…there are ways for you to get closer to that $300 gift certificate being in your pocket!  Send us a private message on Facebook with a quick video or picture of you unpacking your Secret Stash Toilet Paper Roll and we will give you an extra entry to win!