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15 Amazing Reasons to Love Blooming Boutique

Blooming Boutique store
It's official: Blooming Boutique has been in business for a fabulous 15 years, and the store continues to steal the hearts of Lewes locals and visitors alike.
There are so many reasons to love the shop that we could go on for years, but, here, we've narrowed it down to the top 15.
15 Amazing Reasons to Love Blooming Boutique:
1. Mind-blowing Rewards Program and 5th Saturday!
Sale Blooming Boutique
Blooming Boutique pays you to shop!  When you sign up for the in-store rewards program, you'll earn 10% back of what you spend during 6 visits!  This extra money will be mailed to you as a gift certificate that never expires!  Even greater, if you bring a friend with you to the store who has never shopped at Blooming, you'll get credit for their first purchase on your rewards card, even if they decide to sign up too!   
Another perk to joining the Rewards program is the weekly email which announces store specials and promotions. 
Some of the sales Blooming's had over the years are too good to believe (with a few of the biggest happening right now for the 15th anniversary)!
Finally, after you complete your first rewards card (6 purchases), you'll become a VIP member!  With this status, you'll get access to the 5th Saturday sale: meaning every month that has 5 Saturdays, you can bring your Blooming Boutique shopper tote in to the store on that day and save 20% on anything that fits in your bag! 
Don't delay, come to any store location and sign up!
2. Quality Fashion
Blooming Boutique Fashion
When mentioning reasons to love Blooming Boutique, quality comes first every time. The store prides itself on offering the best possible clothing, shoes, and accessories, and it always has. Every brand is thoroughly scrutinized before it makes its way into the shops, and, the Blooming team members love wearing the products themselves. The clothing and shoes are built to last, with employees often making jokes about keeping their items for not months, but years! 
3. Dedication to the Community 
Blooming Boutique community
Born right here in southern Delaware, Blooming Boutique is deeply rooted in the Lewes and Sussex County area. Blooming Boutique cares about customers and causes that are important to them.  Blooming Boutique consistently supports local groups; partnering with the Zwaanendael Women's Club, Lewes Senior Center, Pathways to Success, and Lewes in Bloom to name a few.  From product donations to hosting the yearly canned food drive, Blooming Boutique strives to help support the community we live in and love.   
4. Huge Selection
Blooming store
One of the first things any shopper notices when entering Blooming Boutique is the vast assortment of options. Almost overcome with the possibilities, customers note that they love coming into the store to see new products. There are incredible restortwear brands like Southwind and Escape by Habitat, as well as gorgeous hand-embroidered tops from Caite, and Tuscan-inspired sandals from Italian Shoemakers. 
5. Versatile Options
Lindsay Phillips Shoes
Because of the location, Blooming is built for the beach. And cruises. And all other warm travel destinations. The clothing, accessories, and shoes are intended to make life easier, by offering tons of awesome looks without a lot of effort. Much of the clothing is lightweight and easy for storage, while shoes like Lindsay Phillips make packing a breeze by giving people many options through interchangeable snaps and straps. One shoe can quickly change to match anything!
6. Adaptability 
Blooming website
Blooming Boutique might've started 15 years ago, but it has changed as the times have. The company started very small with the sale of "blooming" handbags and, today, it offers everything that the beach-loving fashionista wants and more. Even during the pandemic, Blooming Boutique shifted its operations to best support their customers. During this time, customers could make personal appointments to shop the store, buy directly from the window, or make purchases online.
7. Comfortable Choices
Fit Flops
Anyone that has ever worn a bad pair of heels knows that comfort is key. Shoes available at the Blooming locations, like Fitflops prioritize comfort for all-day wear. Appropriate padding cushions the feet, while the structure of the shoes supports proper body alignment (and your knees!). 
8. Breathable Clothing
Southwind Dress
The beach is hot, so it's important to have clothing that works for the most sizzling days of the season. For this reason, Blooming Boutique has a bunch of clothing made with breathable cotton or activewear fabrics. Oh My Gauze and Escape are cotton-based favorites, while Southwind is practically made for the outdoors with swimsuit-like material.
9. American-Made Products
American Flag 
At Blooming Boutique, American-made products are prioritized for their high caliber. These products are well-made with some of the best materials. They also support business right here in our country. Customers can feel good walking away with American purchases knowing that they are shopping from their own neighbors, getting the best items available, and helping our economy prosper. 
10. Daily Facebook Live Show
Facebook Live
Every single day (Monday through Friday), Blooming Boutique puts on a Facebook Live show featuring all sorts of fun products. Alyssa, Caelan, Cat, and Micha are regulars on the page as they introduce customers to some of the very best tops, earrings, slippers, dresses and more. Viewers can shop all of the products on the show right there from their own homes.
11. Parties 
Who doesn't like to party? Blooming Boutique appreciates a good party just like anyone else and puts on some of the best for their big events. Celebrating specific brands, major milestones, and holidays, the store encourages people to enjoy their time in Lewes. Blooming events always include drinks, food, and plenty of fashion. Occasional raffles and freebies add to the fun!
12. Trollbeads
If you're familiar with Trollbeads, you know that the pieces are beautiful, but did you know that Blooming Boutique is one of the biggest retailers for the brand in the nation? Yes! Right here, in Delaware, Blooming Boutique sells some of the most amazing, artisan-crafted beads around. The pieces are unique, eye-catching, and made to tell a story.  Home of the semi-annual Trollbeads at the Beach Festival, collectors of the brand from all over the world travel to Blooming Boutique to see their selection.  Visit their dedicated Trollbeads website to learn more:
13. Link to Treasures, Lewes Gifts, and Bayside Gifts
Lewes Gifts
Our sister stores Treasures, Lewes Gifts, Bayside Gifts, Lewes Wear, and Just Lewes are just as fun as Blooming Boutique! From unique home decor and jewelry to coastal gifts and Lewes themed apparel, Micha's stores have just about anything that could be desired!  Coming to Long Neck in September of this year, Maggie's Pet Boutique will be a creative new take on a Pet Store with pet themed products for you and your furry friend! 
14. Maggie
9 times out of 10, when shopping in-store, you'll see the beautiful face of a gorgeous pup, Maggie. Maggie is the honorary mascot, spokesperson, and superstar of the Blooming stores, now even getting a store of her very own. Everyone loves coming into the shop and spending some time with this loveable, mellow, and approachable pooch. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Maggie's Pet Boutique next to the Blooming Boutique in Long Neck this September.
15. Micha, Micha, Micha
Looking for one more reason to love Blooming? Well, we've saved the best for last, but, chances are, you already know the Blooming founder, Micha Seto. Micha is the beauty, brains, and power behind everything Blooming. In fact, if asked, you could probably say that Micha is Blooming Boutique. This woman built the business from the ground up, transforming it into what it is today. Micha has irreplaceable ties to the community, after living in Lewes for years, and all of her customers have really become her friends. Ever since the beginning, she has been vying for the products they want in the shops and refuses to give them anything but the best. If you have ever met Micha, you know that she is incredibly kind, driven, and talkative in the greatest way possible. In a matter of a minute, she can give you about 500 recommendations on what to wear based on your body type and offer just as many food and drink recommendations for the Lewes and Sussex County area. 
Come explore one of the Blooming Boutique locations today, and keep adding to your list of reasons to love it! 
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  • Ellen Paolucci

    Love, love, love this store! Always find something beautiful to wear😍

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