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5 Easy Ways to Transition to Fall Fashion

It’s September, and, just like that, the seasons are changing. While you might be completely prepared on a pumpkin-spice level, your style choices might be “falling” behind. Thankfully, transitioning to fall fashion can be a total breeze with a few simple tweaks to your summer favorites.
Follow these tricks to swim full speed ahead into sweater weather:
1. Add Layers
lantern sweater layers
The simplest way to transition your summer clothing to fall is by layering. Pair almost all of the hot-weather tanks and tops you have with sweaters, jackets, and, eventually, scarves. It might be a little early for that amazing brown leather jacket, but you can start right away with lighter sweaters and cardigans. Keep them off while you’re outside during the day, and put them on as it gets colder in the evening. The 90 degree days will turn into the 50s before we know it, and you’ll be ready.
2. Incorporate Darker Colors
fall fashion
A lot of fall colors look very beautiful when paired with brighter pops of summer ones. For instance, there are a lot of pinks, oranges, and yellows that make their way into the summer fashion scene. These colors can look fabulous with shades of dark blue, black, grey, and hunter green. Have a pair of mustard yellow pants you can’t get enough of? Balance them out with a dark green jacket and muted top. September style is actually still pretty colorful, mimicking the fun shades that the leaves begin to turn in the months ahead.
3. Pull out the Jeans
fall jeans
Jeans are back! Skinny, bootcut, high-waisted (or low)… any way you take ‘em. Loose summery blouses get a fall makeover by just wearing them with a pair of jeans! You can do this with the lightweight, cotton tops like those from ICanToo, Sun Moda, and Escape or gorgeously hand-embroidered ones from Caite. Jeans come in so many styles that it is incredibly easy to find a pair that works with all of your tops. A classic pair of dark wash pants let the intricate designs in some blouses (like the Caite ones) really pop.
4. Top with a Hat
Wearing a hat can really take your outfit to the next level. If you don’t believe it, just think of a sun hat. This small add-on can take a bathing suit and kimono to a cover-girl look in no time at all. As the fall rolls around, you can do the same thing with colder-weather hats. Flat-top fedoras are really popular right now, as are beanies. Get creative!
5. Grab the Booties
Boots are almost a seasonal basic, so it seems natural to finish out this list with them. Slip off the sandals, and enjoy a huge range of boot and bootie styles appropriate for fall. There are options in all different shades of brown, grey, and black, as well, as a variety of materials. Don’t like suede? Grab a vegan leather. A Mud Pie or Simply Southern distressed sweater with jeans and boots could become your fall go-to: Easy, comfortable, and really cute! When it comes to dressing for the season, don’t overthink it! Fashion should be fun, and sometimes all it takes is a couple of quick and easy changes to your summer looks.
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