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Fall for Escape by Habitat

September is here, and it's time to fall in love with all-new product arrivals from Escape by Habitat. If you haven't heard of Escape by Habitat, this amazing restortwear company has an incredible selection of clothing that's both breathable and beautiful. Made of cotton and thoughtfully designed, Escape clothing moves with you for all of your fall adventures in a way that's totally fashionable. The latest collection features cool greys, warm marigolds, and popping blues in the form of tunics, crewnecks, jackets, and more. 
Escape by Habitat
Suzanne Williams started Habitat as a way to give women "clothes to live in," and this mission is visible in every piece. After working in many jobs in retail, Suzanne saw that the market wasn't really giving women what they needed. She got to know her customers and really understood what they wanted from their apparel (much more than any of the mass clothing producers in the industry). The women desired function, style, and comfort on a level that companies just weren't making. She saw countless pieces of clothing in front of her that she wished she could change.
suzanne williams
Starting with Fresh Produce and ultimately transforming the brand into Escape by Habitat, Williams has filled this gap in the supply chain. Her pieces take everything into consideration and continue to please every season.
Explore Escape by Habitat at Blooming Boutique in Lewes, Long Neck, or Milford.
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