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6 Treats Better Than Candy

Halloween will be here in no time, but, if you're anything like us, the planning has already begun. Those holiday treats make their way into stores practically before summer is done and start filling our heads with everything fall. Now, that we can officially shift gears, and soak in the new season, it's time we agree on some goodies that are so much better than candy.
If you really like to plan ahead, these items also make awesome stocking stuffers!  
6 Treats Way Better Than Candy:
Adajio Earrings
Adajio earrings seem to be everyone's favorite, and it makes total sense! These irresistible earrings are made right here in the USA (Colorado to be exact) with high quality materials. They are inspired by African and European art to make every pair look completely unique. The colors are striking up close, and with so many different shades and designs, it's easy to find the ideal style for every outfit. Best of all, they are pretty much all under $30!
Simply Southern Socks
Everyone needs socks, and every option from Simply Southern is cuter than the next. There is a pair for every person with cute sayings like, "Be Happy," "Game Day," and "If You Can Read This, Bring Me Pumpkin Spice." They are always available at lower price points, and can easily be placed in a little treat bag for someone special. There are thin socks for those that run warm, and thicker, lined camper socks ideal for the coming cold temperatures. 
Phone Cable
Many people are surprised to find out that Simply Southern is so much more than apparel. They make everything from stationary and sanitizers to keychains, coasters, and phone charging cables. Every product is just as fun and colorful as their apparel, but useful in a totally new way. The Simply Southern phone charging cables are a crazy 10-feet long! They come in all different colors, and wrap up for easy travel. Almost everyone needs a charging cable, and these ones are under $10! What a great gift!
Slippers make just as great of a little treat as socks. They are inexpensive, fun, and loved by everyone. Snoozies has an entire line of awesome slipper socks including the tie dye ones pictured above. They are ultra-soft with their plush linings, but fit on the foot without too much fluff. There are styles and colors for every season, including Christmas. Surprise a family member or friend with this treat. It will warm their heart and so much more!
Scented Sachet
Scented sachets are one of those things that you don't even realize you need until you smell them. Once you get a whiff, you're essentially hooked. The Floral Simplicity sachets have a spell over just about everyone at Blooming Boutique right now, between fragrances like Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, and Citrus Spice. You can stash them in drawers and closets or even your vacuum or bathrooms. This brand is also eco-friendly, so you can support your planet at the same time.
Nail Polish
Nail polish is something that makes its way into many stockings every year, but it is also an ideal Halloween treat! Del Sol color-changing nail polish is ideal for dressing up for the occasion. It may be one color all day long, but as soon as the night rolls around and you're ready to take on the town, the shade changes to something totally new. It comes in sparkle varieties too, which also seems very on-brand for Halloween! 
There are so many options when it comes to treating yourself and others this holiday, so don't feel confined to candy! Unlike chocolate, these fun fashionable finds will stick around throughout fall (and beyond). For even more ideas to kickstart your season with some great little goodies, tune into the Facebook Live Show every day at noon!
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