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6 Seasonal Sienna Sky Earrings You'll Love

Sienna Sky Bat
Fall is here, and the fashion isn't far behind. If you want to bring some seasonal flair to your look, you'll love the latest from Sienna Sky. Sienna Sky is known for their whimsical earring designs, so it's no surprise that they have some stellar jewelry options as we shift into sweater weather.
Sienna Sky's eye-catching earrings come in a crazy number of styles from loveable leaves to Halloween favorites like witch hats and bats. All of their craft jewelry is made right here in the USA by Left Hand Studios with hypoallergenic, skin-friendly materials, and their earrings are also light as air! You can ensure you'll be trendy, but comfortable all day every day as you fill up on everything fall.
6 Seasonal Sienna Sky Earrings You'll Love:
Sienna Sky Bat Earrings
Summon your spooky side with these all black bat earrings from Sienna Sky. The three bats hang asymmetrically on each side to give your look a little intrigue and dimension. They are cute as can be whether you're dressing up for the holiday, or not. Because these earrings are all black, you can wear them with anything!
Sienna Sky Leaf Earrings
The image of colorful leaves could completely sum up the season. Always beautiful, the changing leaves offer a feeling of revitalization that comes with a new start. So, think of this pair of earrings as your fall kick-starter. These Sienna Sky earrings come in lovely warm earth tones, that you can match with almost any fall sweater. Pair them with an oversized brown sweater and a pumpkin spice latte to really feel the shift of the season. 
 Sienna Sky Jack O' Lantern Earrings
These Jack O' Lantern earrings from Sienna Sky couldn't get any cuter! With such sweet happy faces on the front of the pumpkins, you'll want to wear this pair of earrings well before you're ready to get carving yourself. The witch hats are the cherry on top of this look, making the earrings all the more irresistible. 
Sienna Sky Leaf Earrings
This pair of earrings from Sienna Sky, brings all of the attention to one leaf: The Maple. You'll want to pick this pair of earrings if you like a softer, simpler look from your earrings, but feel like you're in the fall spirit. The wires are gold-filled to match the reddish brown leaves, and the bead is the perfect extra touch of detail. 
Sienna Sky 3 Leaf Earrings
Calling all purple fans: The Sienna Sky Purple Leaf Trio Earrings are an ideal pick for all of your pops of plum and lavender. As the season changes, we tend to gravitate to darker shades, but purple, green, and gold still give you that burst of color you want. These pretty earrings bring all three together and can add a little life to an otherwise muted outfit.
Sienna Sky Witch Outfit Earrings
The "Good Witch" must've made these earrings for Sienna Sky, because they are wonderful in every way. These Halloween-inspired earrings offer the perfect balance of quirkiness and class. A witch's hat makes the perfect base to hang these adorable boots from, and the orange bead pulls it all together beautifully. If you're dressing up as a witch for Halloween this year (or in the coming ones) you'll want to get this pair, but, even if you aren't, they are a great way to enjoy the holiday. 
Sometimes all it takes is a simple earring switch to transition your everyday look into something truly special for the season. Enjoy all of these Sienna Sky earrings in the coming months to really get into fall spirit this year! For more fun  Sienna Sky earrings, explore the rest of our site, or visit us in stores.
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