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7 Hottest Summer Style Essentials

It’s time to hit the beach! Or at least the beach town… and this means that it’s time to whip out all of the appropriate summer style to get you through the warmest season of the year. No need to sweat the process because there are plenty of amazing choices when it comes to shopping for this time of the year.

1. Escape by Habitat Sundresses

Escape dress 
Beach-goer or not, you’ll love the look and feel of the Escape by Habitat dress line. These adorable dresses come in all sorts of fun prints and colors. These dresses offer a carefree, flattering fit and comfort no matter where the day takes you. They are absolutely ideal for heading out in the sun and looking good effortlessly. Wear them out shopping, for a lunch out with friends, or even as a coverup over your go-to swimsuit. Explore here.

2. Kooringal Headwear

 Kooringal Hat
As much as we love the summer sun, you’ll most likely want to keep those bright rays out of your eyes and away from your skin. (Sun spots… no thank you). This is where Kooringal comes in. Designed in Australia and stylish as ever, Kooringal headwear is the ideal way to top off your look. Kooringal visors are 100% cotton, a major selling point during the high-heat days of summer. There are soft cotton terry sweatbands built into the visors which offer a snug fit, and allow the headwear to slip right on, no problem. If you’re feeling a little fun, or want a pop of color, the Ellen Visor comes in coral, but they also carry a black and latte brown for a more subdued look. Explore here. 

3. Lindsay Phillips Sandals 

lindsay phillips sandals 
To call Lindsay Phillips sandals a pair of flip flops is a major understatement (and we mean major). These fantastic sandals are basically an infinite number of looks in a single pair of shoes. Yes, the possibilities are just about endless. When you purchase a pair of Lindsay Phillips flops, the straps and snaps on top are interchangeable. All you have to do is remove the velcro straps from the soles and replace them with a new one to make it seem like a completely different pair. The same goes for the snap or pendant in the center. Genius, we know. Not to mention, as summer comes rolling in, you’ll likely want to travel, but not have the time, energy, or space for loading up luggage dedicated to a massive shoe collection. So, pack a pair of Lindsay Phillips flip flops, a few strap or snap changes and you’re good. This company also carries boot, wedge, and flat styles now. Explore here. 

4. Tagua Multicolored Jewelry

tagua necklace 
When it comes to summer style, Tagua is a brand everyone is nuts over to say the least. Known for their bright, bold jewelry lines made in Ecuador of Tagua nuts, this jewelry has some serious appeal that’s only picking up steam. Every necklace or pair of earrings looks like a statement piece with colors and exciting shapes that catch the eye and give life to any look. You could throw on just about any basic summer shirt or dress and then put on something from the Tagua line and fashion is an easy feat. Explore here. 

5. Scout Totes

scout tote
It’s nearly impossible to talk about summer style without any mention of beach totes. Well, when it comes to summer handbags, Scout is everything and more. This company has a tote for every situation from lunch dates and picnics to beach trips to weekend getaways. Even that is just the beginning. The company also boasts lovely nautical styled coolers, diaper bags, crossbody bags, and wristlets. Every fabric design comes from a unique source of inspiration in the founder’s life and they are full of bright colors that bring all of the happy summer vibes we’ve been craving. Even better, the fabric is waterproof and easy to clean: a beach blessing. There’s no fretting over sand or salty water with Scout. Explore here. 

6. Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish

Del Sol nail polish
The season is changing, you are changing, so why should your nails stay the same for weeks on end? Del Sol nail polish is an irresistible summer find you’ll likely want to share with all of your friends. This amazing nail polish changes with the light. As it absorbs the summer sun, it starts to change shades giving your nails a whole new look. Instead of getting multiple manis, a couple bottles of this magic-seeming nail lacquer can give you all the color you crave this season. No wonder this product is the last on our list of this season’s hottest summer style essentials. Explore here. 

7. SPF Clothing 

Southwind SPF Dress

As the heat kicks up, skin protection is just as important as style. Thankfully, a lot of amazing brands now offer apparel with SPF protection built right in! Buddy by the Sea is known for their line of T-shirts featuring a dog on a surfboard, but they design a number of tops you could wear on your trip to the surf. The lightweight shirts have SPF 50 level protection that can keep your body from burning long after the sunscreen has worn off. Southwind Apparel is another company with SPF clothing, and this selection is all the sneakier. The UPF 50 material is used in Southwind's adorable dress lines. You would never guess that beautiful, summery Southwind dresses like the Chesapeake have this perk, but it's reason to love them all the more. Explore here. 
If you love this summer as much as we do, these warm-weather staples are a surefire way to kick off the season smart and fashionably. Try them all, and let us know what you think! We’d love to get your feedback or hear what some of your summer must-haves are. For more fun fashion to explore, be sure to check out our online catalog or tune in with Alyssa and Caelan every weekday on Facebook live.


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