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4 Ways to Transform Your Look with Beach Hats

sun hat

Summer means sun, and that makes it the ideal time to transform your look with a beach hat! Keep the beating rays out of your baby blues and browns, all while taking on a look that’s totally your own. Hats can be a complete style game-changer, making anyone seem a little more put together, sportier, or trendier. There is an overflowing well of amazing hat choices today, so it’s easier than ever to pick the perfect one for you. Take the opportunity to show off completely different parts of your personality by switching between caps, visors, and more. 

Here are the basic ways to transform your look with different beach hats:
1. Go Sporty 
Simply Southern Baseball Cap
Nothing says sporty quite like the baseball cap. Classic, loved by just about everyone, and useful as ever. This summertime staple goes with any T-shirt, and gives off a laid back, carefree vibe. Baseball caps have been the style go-to for years for hiding a messy pony, and taking on the weekend full-force. They are perfect for traveling, hiking, hitting the beach, and all looking the part of the nature enthusiast or backpacker or traveler. You can get baseball hats in so many great colors and styles, that it’s not surprising many end up collecting more of them than baseball cards! There’s just about always a use for the classic cap, so feel free to live it up in them all season long. If you want to add to your collection, Blooming Boutique has a bunch of great baseball caps ranging in ones with Delaware themes to ones that support a great cause like Buddy by the Sea to ones with funny sayings like “Messy Hair Don’t Care" from Simply Southern.
2. Take on Trendy
sun hat from sage and emily
The sun hat just says, “summer” unlike anything else. This straw-made staple is built for the weather and could make just about anyone look 10x more fashionable. All you really need is a stellar sundress, sun hat, and a pair of glasses to look like you catwalked your way off of the cover of a magazine. Photo-ready, the sunhat brings a look that’s cool, composed, and collected. Now, you can get sun hats in a few different colors, as well as ones with designs and embellishments around the brim. The ribbons along the middle also come in a variety of colors and widths depending on the look you are going for or what outfit you want to match. 
3. Find the Fun 
Buddy of the Sea bucket hat
You might say this style is a bucket of fun.... But the bucket hat is back. Fun, flirty, and really reliable, the bucket hat is the option that says, “I’m here to party.” Talk about options too. When it comes to bucket hats, just about every single one comes in a different color or pattern. Usually bucket hats are made of a soft material, that more often than not, now, you will see dyed in at least one bright color. It’s common for bucket hats to have floral patterns and many different summery shades. They also tend to hold up well against contact with water which supports their “made for anything” attitude. 
4. Get Casually Cute
Kooringal visor
Casual and cute at the same time? Maybe you want to change things up, and opt for a visor. No longer confined to a male-dominated golf course, visors are just as much of a fashion do as the rest of today’s headwear options. Both available in straw and fabric versions, visors create the impression that you are laid back, but still have an air of class that sustains all days of the week. The visor is an excellent choice for the woman that spends her morning playing tennis and then runs errands throughout the afternoon, or the girl that starts her day with a walk in the sun. Wear visors with cute active-dresses like the fun and colorful ones made by Southwind, or with  a polo and a skort. Before you know it, looking casually cute is almost too easy!
Really, there is no wrong way to hop on the hat trend as long as you are picking the headwear that makes you happy. Hats reflect your personal preference and can leave an impression of your style. Whether you want to dress up or down, there’s a way to create your look with the right hats. Don’t be afraid to try new options, as you decide what’s right for you, or that specific day.
Explore all of the great hats at Blooming Boutique online or in-store today!
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