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4 Shoe Storage Hacks for Cranking up Your Collection

Fit flop

They say that shoes are a girl’s best friend, but what do you do when you have more BFFs than you can count? Space is precious and far from unlimited. You may want a matching shoe for every outfit, but feel like there’s just no where to put another pair! This is when organization is key and a few sneaky tricks can take your closet to a whole new level. There’s no need to sacrifice style for concern over space!

Here are some creative hacks for stashing your shoes:

1. Hang Them Up

shoe organizer from overstock

These days, you can actually buy storage specifically made for your shoes (and yes, just like it sounds, it is one of the best inventions ever)! These crafty creations usually come in the form of metal racks or fabric organizers that resemble hanging makeup bags. The metal racks are shelf-like in shape and ideal for mudrooms and closets. All you need to do is place all of your go-to pairs along the shelves and you’ll be able to easily find whatever you need whenever you need it. Step up your game by separating each shoe type. You can place all of the flops together. The same goes with sandals, sneaks, and heels. Before you know it, you’ll not only have a place for all of your shoes, you’ll also be able to find them in a pinch. If a rack with shelves takes up too much space, fabric organizers are another great way to go. These babies are fairly inexpensive and just drape over a door like the Beauty Burrito from Scout. There are pockets for all of your favorite pairs, and it barely takes up any room at all. 

2. Designate a Drawer


Just like clothing, it’s possible to place your shoes in drawers so that they are easily accessible and out of the way. Save a dresser drawer for your shoes or make use of that adorable little cabinet you picked up from the home decor shop around the corner. There’s no sense in saving all of the space for your sweaters and skirts when you can also use it for your favorite shoes. Certain shoes like flip flops barely take up any room at all and can fit easily in drawers stacked on top of each other. Place them in bags and store them underneath other items to make the most of every corner. 

3. Bring on the Bins 

storage bins

Bins do not nearly receive the love they deserve for their storage capacity. If you have ever been to a place like The Container Store, then you know that there is a form of storage in every shape, size, and color, let alone for every need. Make the most of the room you have by investing in a few storage bins you can easily stash away underneath your bed, below clothing in your closet, or up on a shelf in the backroom of your house. You can separate bins by shoe type, or keep it to one bin and separate the shoe types within the unit. You’d be shocked what a difference it makes having one spot tucked away with all of your shoes, as opposed to strewing them out in front of your door. 

4. Opt for Snaps and Straps

lindsay phillips switchflops

When space is very restricted, shoes with interchangeable snaps and straps are the best kept secret. Modern shoe brands like Lindsay Phillips create sandals, wedges, and flats that you can completely customize for the day. Velcro straps easily remove from the sandals, and a new set that matches your latest look can stick right on. The same goes for the pendant in the center of the shoes. Essentially with one base pair of shoes, you can get an infinite number of looks! This might be the biggest storage hack of all… Buy just a few pairs of shoes, and then go strap and snap crazy. Snaps and straps take up almost no space. You can easily place them away in a drawer, a Ziploc in your closet, or in a toiletry bag. 

Shoes are a joy to have, but they are also a style essential, so it’s not easy to cut back for the sake of clutter. No one wants to throw on an amazing dress, just to have the look ruined by a clunky pair of gym sneakers! Thankfully, with an upgraded approach to storage, this scenario is confined to bad dreams.

Photo Cred: Image #2 Overstock

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