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9 Occasions That Deserve Gifts

Let’s face it, besides cake, gifts are the most exciting part of any special occasion. They are a way to show someone that you care about them, understand them, and appreciate their life’s monumental stepping stones. The suspense of watching someone tear open the wrapping to something you have thoughtfully picked for them is just as exciting (if not more) as receiving something yourself! 
Because of this, it’s important to take advantage of every moment to celebrate!
These Are the Top 9 Occasions That Warrant Gifts:
1. Birthdays 
birthday cupcakes
Might as well start with the big one. Whether someone is turning 1 or 71, another year of life is something to honor. There is no need to go over the top, say gifting a new car, but some gift to show your appreciation of a loved one is a must. Get them a candle, a bangle, a beach bag or some other small token without busting the budget. Luca + Danni bangles are made in the USA, handcrafted, and only about $30 a piece, so they are a great option. There are also countless styles making them just as collectible as they are pretty. 
2. Anniversaries 
If you are a guy that’s ever forgotten this day, you already know that this one is a biggie. Every year means that you have been blessed to have 12 more months with the person you love. This is worth celebrating big! Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so take advantage of the present. Feel free to be a little more extravagant with the anniversary gifts, opting for a higher end piece of jewelry or a luxurious sweater. Get them something that shows you pay attention to them and understand them. Moonglow is a lovely anniversary gift because you can commemorate the specific day you met or began dating or got married. SImply pick the piece of jewelry with the moon phase specific to this date. Chances are, they don’t have anything like it or nearly as unique.
3. Graduations
Don’t forget the new grads (especially after a crazy year like this one)! If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with the young graduate you’ve had to socially distance yourself from for the last year, they still deserve to be celebrated. Graduating is a huge moment in a person’s life as they start a completely new chapter. Help them write the first page right with some bedding for a dorm room or a personalized water bottle if they’re always on the go.
4. Father’s/Mother’s Days 
mother's day
Mothers and fathers are the people directly responsible for who you are today. They put a roof over your head, sent you to school, and taught you how to take care of yourself. They loved you through thick and thin. Not to mention, they are the reason you exist! If anyone should be celebrated, they are your parents! Breakfast, brunch, and dinner are great, but you can do even better with framed pictures, flowers, jewelry, or even experiences like a trip to their favorite local winery or tickets to a show. You know them best, so make it heartfelt.
5. Retirement
The 9AM-5PM days are over: What a relief! This person has worked their entire life and now can resign to the wonderful years of retirement. May they be full with gardening, beach laying, and golf! This person deserves a treat. Whether you are their friend or a former coworker, there is something sweet to share through a card, some flowers, and maybe a few sea salt caramels. Send them off sweetly (because after 35 years or so, they deserve it). 
6. Winter Holidays
How could anyone forget the big winter holidays. Christmas and Chanukah are probably the biggest present powerhouses. You’ll need at least eight for those celebrating Chanukah, and definitely something for everyone making Santa’s list this year. The range of people to buy gifts for is probably long and definitely diverse, so venture outside of the box when shopping. A lot of stores will have smashing sales this time of the year starting with Black Friday so get the going when the going is good. Brainstorming ahead of time is very helpful to avoid getting distracted.
7. Starting a New Job
new job in office
Know someone starting a new job? Wonderful! Surprise them with brand new office supplies, a work tote, or maybe even an awesome pair of shoes. New jobs are exciting, but also stressful, so a gift might ease some of the butterflies. A candle or incense diffuser can be a rocking gift for this reason.  
8. Buying a Home
Buying a home is a huge step towards adulthood, and deserves some serious attention. Think of giving your friend or family member making the move a beautiful piece of home decor or something they’ll use in their new place. Custom cutting boards, engraved cutlery, or, again, something as simple as a candle can show them that they are on your mind.
9. Thanking Someone
thank you
There are going to be many people over the course of your life that help you or do something for you in some meaningful way. This moment could present itself as the additional support of a professor while completing a course, a neighbor watching your dog while you were away, or a friend of a friend allowing you to stay in their vacation home for a week. No matter what, a card could be warranted and a gift an even more impressive gesture to thank them. A chance to thank someone that has made a difference in your like should be taken advantage of when possible.
With so many special occasions, there are plenty of reasons to exchange gifts. Big or small, you can take hold of each moment and show the people around you that there is something to enjoy in each day. Allow yourself to get creative with your gifting ideas, but stay true to the meaning behind the occasion. You’ll find many exciting gifts right here at Blooming Boutique, Lewes Gifts, Treasures, Bayside Gifts, and more!
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