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8 Gifts for the Girl That's Impossible to Shop For

Everyone has that one gal in their life that is impossible to shop for… 
Whether it's your sister, mom, best friend, or aunt, there is bound to be someone you can’t quite nail down. Maybe nothing in the store seems quite right, or maybe you end up second guessing yourself every step of the way. 
While it is true that it’s the thought that counts, it IS possible to find gifts that are just as irresistible as they are thoughtful. All it takes is a little exploration.
Check out all of these awesome options to get your gifts right this holiday season!
1. Simply Southern Sherpas
Simply Southern sherpa
Who doesn’t love something soft? That’s just one word to describe Simply Southern’s huge line of winter Sherpas. Made fuzzy as a blanket and warming as a cup of coffee, these jackets are worth the cold weather. Simply Southern Sherpas are available in pinks, greys, and, of course, prints, so there’s a style for pretty much every kind of girl. The quarter-zip design gives the neck room to breathe or offers the space for a scarf. They’re so comfortable that they are great for lounging around the house, but you can wear them out anywhere. Just $40 too! Can’t beat that.
 2. Cocktail Bombs
Cocktail Bomb
Tis the season to be merry, and nothing will make the people in your life merrier than a margarita or mojito. Cocktail Bombs are an absolute sensation, offering an easy way to get the best of the bar right inside your kitchen. These little “bombs” look a little like small bath bombs, and they work similarly. Just toss them into your sparkling beverage to fuel up on fun. The flavors are phenomenal, and all of the ingredients are natural. Alcohol can be added, but isn’t necessary for those that prefer a mocktail.
 3. Corkcicle Canteens 
Hydration is a must (for everyone)! Whether it’s summer or winter, liquids are essential, and nothing is quite as refreshing as an ice-cold drink. Corkcicle canteens carry up to 25 oz of your favorite and keeps it cold for 24 hours. Hot drinks are also essential this season, as we swing into the holidays. Corkcicle will keep your cocoa and cider warm for 12 hours! No one likes things lukewarm, and your friend or family member will never have to deal with that again. The canteens come in a wide variety of colors and designs like “Unicorn Magic” and “Rose Metallic,” as well as ones with prints like “Pink Tapestry.” Find just the right fit for that interesting person in your life. 
 4. DOIY Socks
sushi socks
Does your friend drool over doughnuts, or are they a total sucker for sushi? These new socks from DOIY Design are just about everyone’s new obsession. All of these crazy socks are shaped like favorite foods. The packaging of these products is so appealing, it’s almost hard to open them. They fit perfectly into stockings or work wonderfully as part of a gift bundle. Get a pair of latte socks for the coffee connoisseur in your life, along with a Dunkin gift card, or a pair of taco socks with our margarita cocktail bombs.
 5. Snoozies
It seems like every single year, slippers reign king. It’s impossible to not love the sensation of sliding into a pair of squishy shoes made of plush. Snoozies have a velvety fabric both inside and out, along with a nonslip bottom to keep you from falling. There are different designs for dog people, wine drinkers, and latte lovers. Like the socks, you can easily put Snoozies in a stocking or wrap them up on their own.
 6. Emerson Street Nightshirts
Emerson night shirt
Is the girl you’re shopping for a bit corky, or does she have a good sense of humor? Emerson Street Nightshirts are ideal for the girl with a bit of personality. With sayings like, “I LAB YOU'' and “Wine… It goes with everything I wear,” these bed T’s are completely adorable. The hand-sketched looking designs are witty, whimsical, and great for just about every occasion. The nightshirts are also 100% cotton, so 100% comfortable.
7. LAPCOS Face Masks 
Every girl needs time to treat herself! This is where LAPCOS skincare comes in. LAPCOS has a line of face masks that feel like a complete indulgence as they clean out pores and hydrate the skin. The Charcoal Pore Clay Mask removes oil, reduces shine, detoxifies, and balances. No need to send your friend to a spa to get top quality treatment! LAPCOS has a great Aloe Mask, Pearl Mask, Collagen Mask, and more.
8. Buddy by the Sea T-Shirt or Hoodie
Buddy by the Sea hoodie
Sometimes a girl just needs to curl up and be comfortable with her dog. Know anyone like that? Well Buddy by the Sea has the gift for you! Donating 10% of their proceeds to support Service Dogs, this company has a great mission and an equally fantastic style. Hoodies and T-shirts from Buddy of the Sea are printed with an adorable image of a dog on a surfboard to represent their purpose. The items come in different colors and styles with the image of the dog changing patterns based on the product.
From canteens to skincare, there is sure to be something ideal for all of the awesome girls in your life. Boutique has something to fit everyone’s fancy, and all of these treats are sure to be appreciated. Visit our site, or come shop in-store to see these products and others today!
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