What’s the "Deal" with Luca + Danni?

Luca + Danni Starry

If you’re shopping at Blooming Boutique in Lewes or Long Neck this week, you might have already heard that Luca + Danni is Buy 2, Get 1 Free! This might be the bangle bargain of the year (or the ultimate way to get your collection kicked off), but there’s so much more to the “deal.”
Luca + Danni
Luca + Danni is an American-based jewelry company that prides itself on creating high-quality, handcrafted bracelets. The brand was founded by Fred Magnanimi in order to honor of his family’s history in the jewelry industry, after the passing of his brother from cancer. Luca + Danni is strongly influenced by the deep sense of pride associated with traditional US-based manufacturing. Every piece is artfully put together by hand and given a charming design perfect for collecting. The pieces are plated in gold or silver, and many have small multi-colored crystals. They are even shaped like an oval so that the charm is front and center every time you put it on without shifting! There are styles for just about every season, life event, and holiday (including some Halloween arrivals that glow in the dark).
Luca + Danni
Explore all of the Luca + Danni bracelets this week in Blooming Boutique Lewes or Long Neck and you’ll see just why everyone wants in on their deal.
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