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5 Game-Changing Holiday Shopping Tricks

Christmas Present 
Guess what… the holidays are almost here! And, it’s better to be ahead, especially this year. With shortages and delays in the supply chain causing some serious commotion, holiday shopping might look a little different in 2021. Here are some game-changing tricks to nail your list and make shopping way less stressful…
1. Strike Early
Choose to wait and it might be late. Holiday shopping is not something to drag your feet on and, this year, the stakes are much higher. Supplies aren’t coming quickly and shipping is slower than ever. Mega-sized companies and local businesses alike are hurting for some of the most basic items necessary to make their products. It might be a wood shortage one day, and equipment the next. Many companies are also in desperate need of workers and delivery people which is also causing a slowdown. So, the next time you think Christmas is ways away…  you might want to think again. Shop the specials as soon as they hit because you’re better safe than sorry. Excitement for the holidays seems to build earlier and earlier every year, so jump on the bandwagon. See something for your special someone, grab it while you can.  
2. Shop In-Person
Shopping rack
Another wonderful way around the shipping fiasco is buying your products in-person this year. Thankfully, some stores like Blooming Boutique, saw ahead of the shipping issues and acted early. Our stores are full of great inventory thanks to some foresight and a lot of planning ahead. When you find something good, you can take it home with you that very day instead of anxiously waiting for it to arrive (or not) in the mail. Store associates can help explain all of the product perks to you right there in person and help you find the perfect present for every family member and friend. All of the items are high quality, broken down into helpful shopping lists based on price, and many are made right in the USA. Also, if you shop local, you’ll get the satisfaction of supporting small businesses most likely struggling right now.
3. Go for Slammin’ Stocking Stuffers
The best things do come in small packages. Stocking stuffers can actually make some of the best gifts! There are exciting new products every year that fit a whole lot of fun into a that decorative sock. Silly little things like popits can lead to hours of amusement, while Snoozies slippers can become the one thing you never want to take off. Jewelry and accessories also make great stocking stuffers, and who doesn’t love opening those? Instead of opening one gift, a stocking is like an ongoing stream of surprises.
4. Give the Gift of Shopping
gift card
If you can’t make a decision on the perfect gift, or, worse, missed your deadline, gift cards can come to the rescue. Sometimes shopping is more fun than getting a gift that kind of missed the mark. It offers a person the opportunity to choose something that they will actually use, and it gives them the experience of going out and having some fun. Chances are, you know a place that appeals to them, so give them the gift of shopping at that store. You can even pair it with a couple of smaller gifts or candies on-theme with the gift card to make it unique.
5. Make It Perfection with Packaging
Sushi socks
Sometimes the packaging does it all. There are many ways to give a gift, but some of the latest products take presentation to another level. FreshCut Paper, for example, is a company that makes “forever flower cards.” The jaw-dropping cards open up into 3D floral bouquets unlike anything else. Think: Origami meets greeting cards. They might be just as beautiful as a bunch of flowers, but, because they are made of paper, they'll be around much longer. If you want to see them in-person, these are available both at Lewes Gifts in Lewes and Bayside Gifts in Millsboro. Blooming Boutique also just started carrying an assortment of socks packaged to look like something else, and everyone is in love with them. There are socks that look like boxes of sushi, yoga mats, tacos, and more!
This year may be a little different than years in the past, but there are still plenty of options for getting your holiday shopping done right. It’s all about planning accordingly. If you have any questions at all or could use a few extra tips, talk to an associate at your local Blooming Boutique today. They have the inside scoop on all of the latest items available and experience making gifts great.
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