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Tribal Tuesday: Coming Soon!

Tribal Tuesday
Tribal Tuesday is coming soon to Long Neck and Milford! 
If you've shopped in Blooming Boutique at either of these locations, chances are, that, at some point in time, Tribal has caught your eye or stolen your heart. This fierce, Canadian-based clothing brand is known for their chic, but relaxed, approach to everyday apparel. Their collection is flooded with pops of color, stylish pant cuffs, and mixed materials that fit the flow of your lifestyle. Their clothing is playful, but never too much, and always made with the high quality materials required to deliver pieces that move comfortably with you. 
Tribal Tuesday will be taking place on October 5, 2021 at Blooming Boutique in Milford and Long Neck, and this one-day event is something you won't want to miss!
As a fun way to celebrate Tribal's take on style, any customer that tries on a piece of Tribal clothing will be entered to win a FREE Tribal outfit valued at $150! 
Even better, for every Tribal purchase you make, you'll get a FREE reusable shopping tote designed by the captivating company, and, if you spend $150, you'll get a FREE selfie ring light for taking the perfect pic. 
tribal toteTribal ring light
So, come join us in on the 5th and enjoy the best Tribal fashion with a few fun twists! 
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