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Preppy is back!

Preppy is back!

The "preppy" style is back in fashion! Many of us remember this style fondly, wearing bright collared shirts with our coordinating boat bags, as they say - if you save it long enough, it will eventually be back in style!

Preppy style has always been about a polished look consisting of bright colors and patterns and being coordinated from head to toe!  No outfit is complete without the accessories including boat bags, monogram jewelry, and sandals, all of which can be found at Blooming Boutique! 

One of the companies championing the modern day preppy is Simply Southern.  Simply Southern is known for their preppy t-shirts in both short and long sleeve styles, many featuring beach scenes and cute uplifting sayings.  Recently, the line has expanded from t-shirts, to jacket style sweatshirts, tanks, dresses, changeable sandals, shorts, and more!

Simply Southern Dog Tailgate T-shirt

In addition to clothing, Simply Southern also has a growing number of coordinating accessories including a myriad of handbag styles, key chains, journals, drink koozies, and sun glass retainers to name a few.  Tervis Tumblers and Bost INt Napkins have licensed this line and offer coordinating items with various preppy patterns.  Blooming Boutique is the largest retailer of Simply Southern in Southern Delaware carrying a massive selection of this comprehensive line, and the only store where you can find a custom Simply Southern Delaware t-shirt (available in short and long sleeve). 

Simply Southern Delaware T-shirt

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